toca bongo drums

How to Make a Handmade Bongo Drums

Bongo drums are percussion instruments used in Latin American music. They are played in pairs, each of which consists of a “male” and “female” tuned to different tones. Bongos are played with the hands and help maintain the momentum of stable and fast dances. Make your own pair of handmade bongos. Directions: 1) Select two shells to the bongo drums. They can be made of any material, and circular hollow […]

acoustic guitar synthesizer

How to Chords on a Guitar Synthesizer

Guitar synthesizer – The synthesizers are usually associated with the music of the eighties, but are still widely used in rock and modern pop. Its advantage is the ability to mimic a number of different instruments sounds, even the guitar. It is common to use the synthesizer to play guitar chords, but the technique used by a keyboard is very different from that used by a guitarist. Understanding the mechanics […]

randy jackson guitars

Expensive Jackson guitars

The series of Jackson guitars was built by the company Jackson Guitar Company in the years from 1990 to the early 2000s Based on Kelly models, Dinky and body designs of Rhoads, the materials used for construction of this series were of lower quality compared to what was approved by the Americans. How were of inferior quality were sold at lower prices, being recommended for the use of beginners guitar. […]

baldwin upright piano

How to Transport a Baldwin Piano Acrosonic

Baldwin piano Acrosonic is slightly smaller and lighter than the small pianos, but even changes with smaller pianos – who weigh at least 135 pounds – can be a very dangerous process. The biggest risk, of course, is to leave the piano fall and damage it, and that’s why many people who have gone through a change recommend that you hire a specialized service to transport your piano. If you […]

yamaha electric guitars

How to Decipher Serial Numbers of Acoustic and Electric Yamaha Guitars

Learning to decipher Yamaha guitars serial numbers can help you figure out the month and the year in which your guitar or guitar were made. Yamaha is a sub Gibson and offers the same designs them at a more affordable price. Most acoustic and electric guitars have serial numbers to identify the date of manufacture. The serial number of the Yamaha also includes a factory code that can help determine […]

brass piano lamp

How to Hang Apian Lamp with an Electrical Cord

Piano lamp – If you want to have a bright light on a desk piano, dining table or reading chair, consider hanging a lamp in the ceiling that goes emit light where you need. You can use a pendant lamp or easily make your own. You need a few materials and a basic knowledge of wiring, chains and hooks. The best part is that you can accomplish this task in […]