build cajon drum

How to Make a Cajon Drum

Cajon drum – The Cajon is a drum box-shaped timber made ​​you play with your hands. Has a serious tone similar but distinct from that of a traditional bass drum. The Cajon has a hole on one side. You can control the projection of sound running the Cajon in different directions. Making your own Cajon, you save money and have a single instrument, made ​​according to your exact specifications. Directions […]

serge modular synthesizer

The Top Five Software Modular Synthesizer

Since the 90s, software synthesizers – sometimes called “soft synchs -. Is replacing physical modular synthesizer to emulate them often they can play perfectly devices like MiniMoog or Alpha Juno, whereas they are more flexible than the original. There are five software on the market that is recognized by many professionals for their quality and depth. However, the choice of the “top five” varies according to the user’s tastes and […]

classical guitar capo

The Tuning Types of Guitar Capo

The standard tuning of a six string guitar capo is EADGBE, but many songs need a different tuning. They let the musicians play some chord progressions and riffs more easily. In general, it is much harder to play the songs that use these alternate tunings in standard tuning. Standard pitch: Most guitarists are familiar with the standard tuning EADGBE. This tuning is the most common and is used in most […]

the moog synthesizer

Studio Techniques to Moog Synthesizers Operation

The Moog synthesizer was the first synthesizer analog modular tension created and used in the music industry. Dr. Robert Moog incorporated the transistor in a music module, which expanded the possibilities of different keyboard sounds that can be used in shows and studio recordings. The Moog synthesizers are much smaller than their predecessors and have more flexibility of use in a recording studio. Direct line input: The latest line of […]

korg microkorg synthesizer vocoder

How to Make a Guitar Sound on a Korg Synthesizer DS-10

The Korg synthesizer DS-10 allows you to use your portable console Nintendo DS as a portable music station, with the ability to create unique sounds and beats from scratch. There are predefined instrument voices in the DS-10, so if you want to create a guitar sound, will have to do all the settings themselves. Follow the instructions below will make the DS-10 produce a sound of distorted electric guitar. To […]

ovation 12 string guitar

Removing the Pre-Amplification of an Ovation Guitars

Ovation guitars – The first electric guitars from Ovation Company were created by an aeronautical engineer and launched in 1966. These guitars are still popular despite require more care than other guitars or guitars. One particular aspect is the need for periodic battery replacement. Follow the steps below to change the battery on a guitar Ovation. The Ovation guitars are designed to match the sound of an acoustic instrument with […]