best korg synthesizer

How to Make a Guitar Sound on a Korg Synthesizer DS-10

The Korg synthesizer DS-10 allows you to use your portable console Nintendo DS as a portable music station, with the ability to create unique sounds and beats from scratch. There are predefined instrument voices in the DS-10, so if you want to create a guitar sound, will have to do all the settings themselves. Follow the instructions below will make the DS-10 produce a sound of distorted electric guitar. To […]

ovation applause guitar

Removing the Pre-Amplification of an Ovation Guitars

Ovation guitars – The first electric guitars from Ovation Company were created by an aeronautical engineer and launched in 1966. These guitars are still popular despite require more care than other guitars or guitars. One particular aspect is the need for periodic battery replacement. Follow the steps below to change the battery on a guitar Ovation. The Ovation guitars are designed to match the sound of an acoustic instrument with […]

piano bench covers

How to Reform a Piano Bench

A bank used piano can show signs of wear on the cushion and upholstery becoming worn and tattered. When you want to reform a piano bench, choose a fabric that complements other colors, styles and textures that you have in the room. With a small piece of upholstery fabric, you can retrieve a piano bench in a short time and give a new more attractive look. Directions Remove the piano […]

grand piano dolly

How to Make a Cardboard Piano Dolly

Music lovers can enjoy making your own decorative piano dolly with items found around the house. Create a model of an upright piano using small gift boxes, foam and cleaning tubes. They can be used as the central theme parties or as doll furniture. Cut a white strip of paper 2.5 by 15 cm. Draw a basic approach of sheet music using small lines and notes. Wrap the two ends […]

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How to Fix the Keys of a Yamaha Electric Piano

The series of Yamaha electric piano is one of the most popular markets, perhaps because of its long history of traditional instrument maker. The company began manufacturing wind instruments in 1887. A great advantage of having an electronic keyboard instead of a piano wire is that the keys are sticky or broken; they are relatively easy to replace. Broken keys: 1) Determine the problem. The keys are jamming the Yamaha […]

steinway grand piano dimensions

History Steinway Grand Piano

Steinway grand piano – Make a comparison between Yamaha and Essex pianos is a difficult task. Yamaha has several different models and formats, as Essex essentially only works with a production line in several colors, based on a Steinway grand piano drawing. Yamaha pianos are more widely known and are well accepted, although the Essex models have an affiliation Steinway, which does not exist in other cheaper pianos. What was […]